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DATE 2016-08-31


We started looking for a different gift at Valentine's time following the close of the day. Check out the series of articles we have prepared for you to recover from this difficult choice.

We want to make a different suggestion to you about this. hookah enthusiasts for a great Valentine's Day gift would be. If you are curious about more by reading our hookah or text, you can have an idea of how to get your boyfriend a hookah.

Need to Know About Hookah

Hookah is a traditional smoke into the air. When tobacco is smoked in a very different way .. There is a manners according to each type of tobacco usage, but it is not attributed to anything until hookah tobacco.

‘’Hookah passion.’’

They know that with this passion, is also one of the most beautiful hookah products will be presented to them. We encourage you to submit a full suite of hookah. functions of the parts of the narghile's design is as follows.

Serena: Hookah is the name of the elongate body. Glass, may be composed of metals and ceramics. The lower part of the upper part of the narrow and resemble large jug with a long view. Serena is the most important parts that affect the overall appearance of the hookah.

Water pipe tobacco: A hookah obtained by adding finely cured tobacco as a special form of tobacco for hookah is unique.

Nozzle: Hookah is perforated tray is placed at the top of the tobacco. Hookah is one of the most gentle and inexpensive parts. surely there are a few pieces of hookah lovers. Washed, dried up available again.

Lance: Allowing the smoke to reach the bottle, taken by mouth, it is part of the hose-like in nature. The skin should be preferred and it is a part that should not be crushed. Intervals washed, dried up available again.

Bottle: Hookahs come out of the proverbial bubble where s is the section in which the filter and smoke.

Reed: Smoke disposable mouthpiece is attached to the lance tip provides drawing inward. Typically the same Nargiza is preferred when using two people.

Spoiler and Tray: Around the ash in the ringlets used to provide skid and avoid the extinction of the embers. Tray also collects ash from falling embers.

Hookah The actual main parts ser, curls, is a lance and bottles. If you want to buy a hookah is your team, if not this part must.

Valentine's Day, your boyfriend particular, hookah Like our team we believe to be a tremendous gift bearing the wounds of art and history, you can choose any product. in different sizes, our hookah teams in the special box with the figures or private option will allow spectators to feel special to the fans.

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