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Shipping and Payment

DATE 2011-05-17
Thank you for choosing us and our products.The best quality products at most affordable prices to our esteemed clients,our goal is to offer seamlessly.
Controlled is sent into our products. Quality control is complete. Unpopular acclaim belongs to the buyer provided that the shipping costs and not to use products that are guaranteed to change in 7 days. 
Pattern and color must be specified when purchasing the product. Pattern and color pattern and color of the unspecified order is not guaranteed. Next, as the product is sent in random colours and patterns.
At the door pay at the door payment made by credit card during the purchase process on the basis of product, if you order in the notes should be written. Otherwise your order will be sent on a basis pay cash at the door.Change your payment method by contacting the buyer purchases the hookah metsa suspicious or has the right to cancel the order. dan, you Write your address in the order form the products you buy cargo, you must have your address within working hours. If the receiver does not find the shipping company first came into place, the buyer will deliver the product to the recipient and leaves a note that shipping is delivered from the branch. the shipping charge is calculated by the product representation shipping costs are calculated automatically by the site according to the dimensions of...,It is put into the packaging of the parcel of materials such as products vary,shipping costs 20% or 30% can vary.Metsa calculated by the product to be sent to the site of hookah reserves the right to change the shipping price.
At the door cash or credit card payment from our website , money order or EFT to pay .Paid online by credit card (interest – free- different maturity - you can buy the product with installment options. For sale with our online credit card installment ,installment, and maturity since the Commission rates vary metsa Hookah maturity and has the right to change Commission rates. With our site we will keep you advantageous for what we do purchases and the advertisement campaigns.
For the security of our esteemed clients in the infrastructure of our site is 256 bit SSL certificate she holds. Your credit card information by our employees or other persons not can be seen.
Turkey purchases within tl 250 in shipping costs on orders over are covered by us.
Read this text to the end of the purchasing process, and you agree to our rules.


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