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DATE 2016-08-31


Hookah cafes and businesses selling hookah cafe until now, had to do with selling hookah bar or restaurant licenses. only municipal license application for prohibition hookah cafe (albeit normally undesirable in the temperance cafe) apartment muakafetn Amasa was requested. The new law should be held hookah presentation document to be born because of the necessity to invest in their businesses for years or new hookah cafes opened the rights of persons before the law is lost.

- School-classroom-education institutions to be 200 meters away from the hookah document presentation is stipulated. alcohol is known in the business as the distance requirement of 100 meters. Televisions and newspapers, although it is described to be reduced to 100 meters is still published in the official gazette.

- Closed areas in hookah shisha cafes should not be allowed to be consumed. Due to the cold weather in the winter months because hookah smoking length of time only the shutters off of this business during the winter months that can be sold in the open field means gelmektedir.nargil cafe and hookah remain unemployed workers in the business of selling and taxes paid should be considered.

- Cigarette smokers and non-customers of businesses exist in the same environment. Tabel hookah cafes to enter their names in the hookah and sales of businesses they are made clearly indicating the place of hookah smokers were prevented it should be kept in a separate status. at the door of the loud music business 'high volume levels can lead to hearing impairment' warning notices can be found in the cafe as well as hookah

- Hookah cafe, hookah smoker and does not go already affected by the smoke. Hookah cafes making more regular structures with ventilation or because of regulatory arrangements can be made to be sustainable for all summer and winter activities.

- It is not as hookah terms cigarette inside. Such as cigarette smoke or smoke in the mouth like a cigar çekilmez.pipo lungs blown pooled our exhilarating culture.

- How to hookah smoking so far that even many people who do not know, writings and thoughts without any analysis report in hand about hookah smoking is 50 times more harmful than cigarette it is necessary to accept that yayınlamışlardır.bun. The correct analysis is done.

- Many processes from the past and no longer just from exhilarating tobacco flavored smoke into the dönüşür.türkiye 5-6 hookah tobacco manufacturing plant is located. More detailed analysis can be done in terms of production and loss of real research.

- Monopoly cigarettes sold in grocery retailers, or how to do it if hookah shisha cafes in the presentation to be kept.

- The country exported our products to many countries about whether taxes are given to more advanced and hookah accessories from industry in our country, Arab or Western countries that are a part of our culture since the date.

- Hookah culture is also embraced by many tourists who visit our country, and is consumed. This place will be supported in our culture tends to be ignorant under control.

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