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DATE 2016-08-31



Chat environment which is indispensable for a hookah, where most of us get a life rooted in the state. A lot of us out of business, in the media or friends smokes hookah at least once a week to spend a pleasant time.

Hookahs are usually preferred by aromatic shisha tobacco appetizer. But you can increase your enjoyment of drinking water pipe to apply some tricks. In fact, this seemingly small detail, you can maximize your enjoyment of hookah point.


Hookah inside Recommendations

Hookahs are some points we need to pay attention to drinking. There is also the hookah culture in history from the time of these recommendations. We have prepared a list of them for you.


When Taking you inside the hookah!

Hookah drinking some take it in some way fast is slow. In fact, they are both wrong. You need to shoot like drinking hookah breath. So you will not have any negative drinking water pipe.

Do not pull the hookah long and frequent intervals. If you do so your body can be a cumbersome on.


Shisha Charcoal Important

Hookah charcoal is another issue to be considered at the pre-dinner hookah. If your pre-dinner hookah burning throat and began to come in different flavors, pull the nozzle out of the hookah coals for a few minutes. Then evacuate located in the heavy smoke from bottle blowing lance.

Meanwhile turn will be beneficial for your hookah charcoal. Thus, you will increase the pleasure you received that extend the life of the combustion of coal.


Hookah There's also a Time!

"Hookah few hours to drink?" question mark in the mind of many of your questions ... the average duration of a typical water-pipe smoking is 1.5 hours. This time reduced by the nozzle tip or increases.


Mixing with the aroma of lances!

Failure to change the lance is among the mistakes that many of us do. In fact, you need to use different lances with different flavors. However, this can sometimes be troublesome. That's why a solution can be grouped aromas. For example, cappuccino, coffee and lances used in melon flavored shisha tobacco will increase the pleasure you get from your use of other flavors.


Flavor to taste different formulas floor!

Hookah flavors are varied all the time. Varieties you see in a cafe and you will get another cafe may surprise you.
Some items you fold the flavors of hookah shisha you drink, you will live a different experience. Apple-flavored shisha tobacco to put mint-flavored hookah tobacco, coffee and cappuccino milk powder you put the coffee aroma and will give you a different experience.

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