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DATE 2016-08-31

Hookah; It is a system that allows users to pull into the flavored smoke filtered from the water with a hose. Hookah smoking Balkans and the Middle East is a unique tool. Inside the shape after years it has come up today to shape and hookah is a part of eastern culture.

General Parts of the hookah;
Lance: made from sheep leather and smoke is the section that leads to the mouth of the bottle. Lances my selection must be sure that the lance while the sheepskin. Warm water can be cleaned with a 10-15 day and use when dry. It should be kept in a good way if you use it as decor for crushing experienced not worked.

Serena: Glass, which is a long body of water pipe made from metal or ceramic. In Serena's election could smooth taste and preference should be cast that will not oxidize. Single, double, triple and quad models. In general it is preferred that individual. Because of the quick shutter release hookah tobacco can cause burning embers in others. You can also knock or blow cleaning by washing with water. where you need to pay attention to it is dry Ser. When wet corrosion can be left for a piece of metal that should not be washed so often.

Nozzle: in which the top is made of perforated trays tobacco put clay or ceramic. Silver or copper are made, the heat that is required put on the embers. It is a very delicate part and the lower your costs will be to your advantage to get more so. Blow the hole clean the Lule or you can also wash. Once dry, you can use it again.

Bottle: In that water and milk and smoke, which is part of the filter. When choosing light-colored bottles and large bottles should be preferred. Lets you see the dirt in the bottle because of the light color. Or through the crowd there are also models with Ottoman motifs. detergents to clean the bottle with water and you can brush. They should use at least two clean a bottle and leave to dry. Nozzle seal Plastic is a part. It ensures airtight connection between the ser nozzle.

Tress B: Between lay with clay or metal nozzle is made a part of that bridge. It is a common part used. primarily because it is necessary to have a proper nozzle to use this piece.

Chimneys and Tray: use both of them are the same. Used to break put embers or embers. Water pipe that is necessary for your personal use at home. You can do the cleaning by wiping with a damp cloth.

Reed: the name given to the colored hookah mouthpiece. It is single. one is given to everyone. There is no need to use your personal hookah reed.

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