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DATE 2016-08-31

Hookah, a mechanism by which the user is inhaling the smoke is filtered through water with a hose and a traditional smoke into the air. If you want to enjoy a pre-dinner hookah water pipe, you need to avoid when setting up your take outside air.

Hookah Preparation:
Make sure it is clear of all hookah parts.


Fill the bottle with enough water. The amount of water put into bottles need to set better. Bottled water will remain high until you fill the air and smoke to the upper branch that is released into the series. An estimated amount of water should be 3-4 times the bottle.
You could also put milk instead of water, depending on your preference. We recommend that you put the milk only when cappucinol tobacco use tobacco.
Because the milk will drain more tobacco for water is more intense. 8-10 can take pieces of ice into the bottle. Eligible water or in the rest of the lay water pipes after setting the level of milk Note that 2-3 cm.

Carefully insert the lance without a gap in the special housing on the series. You can use some isolation method for this. You can paste a few laps tutkallayıp turning a cloth between Serena and lances.
This way you will avoid getting air. If you are using this form or a similar hard and dry cloth insulation method of placing the series, you need to soak your section indicated below.
This way you can ensure the passage of the bottle easier to expand the volume of cloth.


Place the tray on top of the hookah stem. With this tray will prevent spread around the eyes.


Place the hose hookah hose port slot.

Turn off the air pull us hookah shisha Ser end if it means getting air bubbles in the water if it occurs. Screwing place to control and try again.

Hookah tobacco is specific to the fill nozzle in the tank to be filled full of tobacco. Tobacco is the most important point to be put in the bowl of the hookah. It should not be excessively suppressed and often tobacco. More rarely, and it should be completed in a mild way.


After filling the water pipe overlap the thick film in a taut manner Foil and not the foil used in daily life as used herein. Use more than the thickness of films produced specifically for the hookah Open the foil with a toothpick or pin holes on the side of hookah tongs and place it on top of cool. This section is very important to prepare hookah. Holes should sıklaştırılarak del correct the rare inner side of the nozzle edges.

Put the pot on the embers of hookah water.
Then place the foil on your eyes hookah water pipe will be ready after 3-5 minutes. Ember is required to install the full decision. If you put more eyes on tobacco and smoke hookah lights comes with a bitter taste in your mouth.uth.  

Then place the foil on your eyes hookah water pipe will be ready after 3-5 minutes.

Hookah smoking has been prepared. Hookah will be very difficult to prepare a full 10-15 minutes bulabilir.ilk first water pipe. But after a few times you will take to prepare for 2 minutes.
*** Please note that hookah is a close friend of the conversation. Enjoy this call a few friendly chat over tea. Good for me.

Next Do They Use a Hookah :

Nozzles placed on the embers, foil and discard tobacco
Wash Nozzle and upper tray.
Remove the series and lance.
Drain the water in the bottle, clean.

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