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DATE 2016-08-31



Hookah; Balkans, Middle East and South Asia are specific to traditional tobacco smoking tool. Hookah an indispensable element of eastern culture is considered to be India's first location. This culture of Indians and Iranians, the Arabs and Arabs from the Persians came as the Ottoman Empire expanded a culture with a long history.

Arabs 'Bottle', while in the Iranian 'Kalyan' has been called. The hookah name called in different names in each culture is based on Persian. Persian 'Nargila' means coconut. So called because the first coconut coir 'burning tobacco-like layer on the outside and they are Indians who enjoyed a straw insert it into the walnut. Over time pumpkin India were used instead of walnuts, as the number of users increases, it has been turned into material suitable for hookahs, porcelain and bronze. Over time glass, crystal, china silver body followed even hookahs. Recreational embers from the air in order to breathe from the lance occurs when the pressure difference, then passes through the pores in the nozzle heats up.

The reminiscent of the smoke passes through the mingling of water heated by hot air, it cools at this time. Then it reaches the air lance smokers. water fume tar contained in the cooling water pipe in addition to a small amount of strain. The smoking hookah, the difference in the form of cigarette smoking tobacco; The hookah tobacco smoke is drawn from the water passing through the water contains a small amount of heat will evaporate. an essential part of the Eastern culture with hookah later in the west have also been used with certain modifications. therefore the use of these two types based on culture shows distinctive differences, but is available in many common items. West multiple marpu own hookah use is widespread. This application offers a different atmosphere compared to the public inside the east. As long as a person is drunk by a lance from the east hookah changing hands.

Once the user is certain that the interior of the Arab culture or lance by resting it on a table or self catering on the side facing the holding curved spout. Agreed, you tap with the back of his hand or pat is that the hookah is the satisfaction index. In a separate shisha cafes and restaurants tailored to each user it is common. Hookah smoking among smokers, there are four elements that must be considered in the medium to be drunk. These 'rule, Ser, lance and the bottle' is formed. Tobacco is placed in the section of the nozzle, Serina long body of water pipe, in that the water that filters the smoke and then the section where malaria bubble bottles, the hose that leads to the mouth to take the smoke out of the bottle is given lance name. Hookah has a long history of smoking. Maya and Aztec civilizations used with much history based on the initial tobacco ritual and medicinal purposes.

The historical name of the tobacco Tobacco, tobacco smoking is the name of their native reed pipe. Vespuci, in the 15th century by European sailors from going back to America brought the tobacco such as Magellan Continental Europe. At the time, in Portugal on the interest shown by French ambassador Jean Nicot name of this plant is given nicotine in tobacco plants. Magellan after the start of tobacco production in Europe, tobacco India, Japan and led to Eastern countries such as China. Thus, tobacco, began to spread all over the world and continental production has accelerated. At the beginning of the 18th century in the form of chopped tobacco, cigar smoking was introduced to the world history by smoking tobacco wrapped in leaves.

110 years after the discovery of tobacco entering the US between 1601-1603 years it has been used to the Ottoman Empire. But religious scholars of the period on the proliferation of tobacco smoker pulls fatwa against tobacco use. Fatwa on the Sultan Ahmet I. Prohibition of smoking, issued a decree on the matter. However, Ahmed throne after Sultan Mustafa I. and II. An important effect of the smoking ban in Osman speed not. hookah consumption in today's conditions is reduced to the 18 and over age group 40 and over smoking tobacco flavored version. This has increased the interest in the youth of the world in the 21st Century hookah. With flavored hookah tobacco has become a favorite of the younger generation. In a way, the birthplace of hookah coffeehouse culture began in the 16th century has become the 21st century cafe culture.

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