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DATE 2016-08-31
Hookah extending from the Ottoman Empire to the present day, smoking tool that is even rumored to be a deep-rooted history. Hookah has many forms. Choose the one according to his pleasure and enjoy hookah lasts until the end.

Hookah traditions inherited from the Ottoman continues. Generally, you always hear the word; "Have A Drink Hookah Etiquette" ... Yes ... hookah smoking form and manners, consisting of hundreds of years of tradition with the use is not just a tool. Hookah refers to more than one instrument and becomes an important part of our culture.

This occurs if hookah parts. There are types. Aroma is different. these issues with you in writing, we will continue our work in more detail.



A hookah team consists of 4 sections. They lay, nozzles, lances and bottle section.

Serena is the longest section of the water pipe. The ventral portion, the neck portion is tapered, the abdomen is large, the neck portion is narrow. This section can be made of different materials according to the hookah team. Usually, the team lay water pipe section glass is made of metal or ceramic structure.

Nozzle section is the section at the top of the hookah. The reminiscent is perforated tray is placed. Nozzle section is provided by putting the heat on the embers.

It is part of a lance wound to inhale the smoke. According to the team hookah lance design are specially designed. The interior of the hose used in a variety lance in its structure made from sheep and particularly antelope skin.

Bottled water pipe section is the lower part of the team. This section is the section where it is needed the water and the forkurd clicks. There are hookah bottle design team with different colors and designs.



Hookah team has extra elements in the structure except the above mentioned. These tongs, water pipe tobacco, reed, to tray and windcheaters.

You can replace coal with tongs you put the nozzle section. Reed mouthpiece section is attached to the lance. Reed section today have been undertaken, the main product of plastic material is made from amber.

Tray portion of the embers, the flash when using the spoiler section embers to keep nozzles and falling embers from the ashes of-ember used to prevent the disintegration around.

It is also a kind of water pipe tobacco shisha tobacco. dried with special hookah tobacco for water pipe tobacco is tobacco obtained by finely chopped.




The following procedures will take place respectively hookah smoker when people breathe from the lance;

- The air pressure difference occurs sequentially with embers along with breathing, then passes through the pores in the nozzle heats.

- The heated water pipe tobacco smoke mingling with the hot air passes through the water

- Reach the inner person from the lance cools the smoke passes through the water.

- The water in the hookah filters tar in cigarette smoke. Water is one of the biggest advantages of this feature.



Hookah while drinking one of the most hotly debated issues is the difference from the other tobacco products. Two different views on this issue to the forefront of interest. With one hookah smoking is not a difference, there is little loss of water pipe and the other.

T is the fundamental difference between drinking and tobacco smoking hookah water. The hookah tobacco smoke passes through water drawn an amount of water it contains evaporates with heat.



Hookah is basically one of the products of eastern culture. countries where hookah is assumed to be the first out of India. In fact, that India continues this tradition today.

Hookahs are called by different names according to the name of culture and regions. Arabs "Narcil to" in Iran, "Kalyan" is called.

Hookah origin of the word comes from Persian. Named after the coconuts, coconut, which means "nargil" is the root of this word.



It is estimated that the first water pipe made from coconut. In the first example in India, be removed for the coconut, cane was made by inserting the shell.

Over time began to be used instead of coconut pumpkin. The first design change has been the transition of pumpkin hookah swollen. Because after this change, porcelain and bronze materials it has become conducive to water pipe.

Born hookah in India, particularly in the Arab culture known before, including Iran, he met with the then Ottoman Empire. Hookah brought from Iran and have been used in the Ottoman period when the coffee shop. Hookah long time Tophane Istanbul, İzmir and Ankara Youth Park, arcades began to be offered as the water pipe tobacco. However, water pipe tobacco has been banned by the sultan of the period.




Only then present their products closer hookah smoking hookah water pipe tobacco s that began with the addition of aromas. Flavored hookah was chosen from more young people because of the light.

Flavored hookahs, hookah fruit extract is obtained by joining the tobacco. Headlamps aroma taste can be obtained by mixing new flavors.



Hookah culture began in the east, the west began to be used also undergoes various changes. Hookah used in the east and west, there are two different types. But the common element in this type of use is available.

The lance used in the West are usually one personalized lance. In the east lances it is designed to allow the public inside.

Arab culture, hookah use of movement, there is a sense of behavior. Hookah smokers person, after drinking lance by resting on the table will show it. She treats her friend on the mouth of the next way to look after himself. friends who accepted the shisha, hookah that tap into the hands of the opposite hand, or rubbing. This is a move indicator of satisfaction.




It is accepted that the four items should be to provide a good environment inside the hookah smoking. In popular language in the "four pillars of hookah" it is called.

Tongs: Tongs are necessary to stir the embers of the hookah is used to stir the embers.

Oak embers: Occurs best mereşd the embers for hookahs.

Corner: To Yeres a nice corner for hookah smoking is very important.

Tea or Coffee: tea and coffee at the time of the wanted person is important for hookah smokers ulaşabşil be.



Hookah teams are divided into different types based on size and design.

Middle and Mini Size is usually preferred Hubble Hookah teams in terms of portability, or for home. This hookah nozzle sets, bottles and lances are organized upon request.

Custom Design Hookah shisha team kits are usually designed specifically for housing. Here animal motifs such as is done in the form of towers.

Kahveci Type Hookah teams are oversized and heavy cargo as hookah team. These teams are generally used for shisha cafes and businesses.

Teams glass hookahs, hookah team are completely made from glass hookahs, unlike other teams.

Bags Hookah teams, similar to the medium and small sized hookah teams. It can be moved. the bags are inseparable.

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