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DATE 2011-05-17
Metsan hookah was founded in 1996, has  always been one of the leading companies in the sector.Operating principle be honest, principled, and not because of a non-innovative service concept.Turkey is one of the most preferred companies abroad. In our country, close to 50 provincesproducts constantly cafe or retail outlets provides supply. It also has been successful in raising the level of foreign export and import duties.Metsan hookah young, dynamic and hard-working managers and staff through 7 days It can serve. Mets management that hookah lovers with a real hookah .He has assumed leadership and sponsorship of many issues related tasks hookah.Currently, wholesale hookahs, internet sales of the hookah, shisha cafe consumables service,Hookah shops selling materials supplies service, in cities outside Istanbuland wholesale hookah supplies selling their products abroad to supply and cafes,Teams of Cuba Hookah Hookah-water pipe material to imported coal,Many hookah tobacco and other materials inside and outside the homelandengaged in manufacturing and maintaining the dealership of a hookah cafe's founderand it continues to do business tasks.



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